Because every baby deserves a healthy mother...

I am deeply passionate and committed to serving women during the postpartum time. This is often a difficult period for mothers, as well as a time when almost everyone looks first to the baby. No matter how many times you have given birth, you may find yourself struggling to settle into this new space and it is very common to feel as if you are scattered outside yourself.

Mother Roasting is a term used to describe someone who uses services and techniques to ‘warm’ the postpartum mother. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, birth is considered a cooling process, and once women have given birth they are then pampered with foods and activities that bring warmth back to the body as well as help to re-gather the scattered energy and bring you back inside yourself in a way. In a society that values healthy babies first and foremost, this work strives to bring back the traditions of honouring the mother and the hard work she has done, creating a space where she feels heard, and offering services to promote healing and comfort to her body. Every healthy baby deserves a healthy mama too (in body, mind and spirit)!

I offer a variety of products and services to aid in emotional, and physical healing for mothers walking their postpartum path. Please get in touch with me to inquire about how any of these services might benefit you, or how I can customize a service to suit your needs! 


Post-Partum Services

  • Soothing Salves & Balms

  • Supportive Teas

  • Herbal Sitz Bath Sachets

  • Herbal Tinctures

Services may be bundled together in a customized package to suit your needs.


Women deserve to be nourished, warmed, & honoured during their postpartum time...