Connect with your partner

& prepare for birth...


Practice birth visualizations, discuss changes in your pregnant body, release your fears around birth, discover the power of the senses, create a sacred birth environment, prepare for life after baby, nurture yourself and each other.

I am currently offering Birth Journey Prenatal Classes for couples at Terra Nova Midwifery in Steveston Village, BC. Each session is 5 weeks long and covers a wide range of topics to help you and your partner to feel prepared, confident, informed, and excited to bring your newest family member earth-side. We pay particular attention to fostering and strengthening your love connection with each other, which not only assists you during labour and birth, but sets you up for success in your parenting life.


Per Birther (including one support person)

Class Schedule 

Wednesday Evenings
May 1st - May 29th

6:oopm - 8:oopm


Terra Nova Midwifery in Steveston BC



Per Person   $175     Per Couple   $275


Course Schedule

  • Sunday July 14th

10:00am - 5:00pm

Limited Spaces Available!


Terra Nova Midwifery in Steveston BC

Whether you are a first time expectant parent or you've been around the block and need a refresher, this is a great condensed class to help you walk away informed, and with all the essentials!  If you have a challenging work schedule, and cannot commit to weekly classes, this class is designed with you in mind! With 6 hours of instruction over one full day, we will explore all the need to know topics of labour, and birth and have you armed, leaving confident and prepared. Come as a couple or on your own. bring along a bagged lunch and light snacks will be provided. 

Topics Covered:

  • Birth Vision

  • Birth & the Senses

  • Informed Choice

  • Hormones & Birth

  • Stages of Labour

  • Conscious Comforts

  • and much more

Informed. Confident. Connected.


Per Person   $55         Per Couple   $85


Course Schedule

  • July 16th

6:00pm - 9:00pm

OR book me for a private session!


Terra Nova Midwifery in Steveston BC

Come to this 3 hour course for birthers/couples and prepare for the beginning of your next big adventure!

This condensed course is a beautiful addition to the 5 week Birth Journey Prenatal Series or Essentials Class, however anyone is welcome who is interested in gaining practical tools and information about the first weeks following the arrival of your new baby. Partners and support people are welcome and encouraged to attend! 

Topics Covered:

  • The Baby-Moon

  • Baby Care

  • Physical Healing

  • Breastfeeding

  • Sleep Deprivation & other challenges

  • Nourishing the Post-partum Mother

  • Sleeping Arrangements

  • Baby Wearing

  • Creating a Village of Support

  • and much more...

Contact Me About Booking Private Prenatal Sessions!

Learn about labour & birth in the comfort of your own home & let me come to you!

  • 6 hours of instruction broken up to fit your schedule - $375

  • 8 hours of instruction broken up to fit your schedule - $500

Have a friend who wants to join too? For an 8 hour session it's just $200 for each additional birther or couple!

Word on the Street

We can tell which parents have been through her classes...

“I am one of the midwives at South Delta Midwifery and have looked after many women that have taken Sarah’s Birth Journey Prenatal classes. I see the results from these classes in labour, where Mums and partners work amazingly well together. They are so well prepared, confident and relaxed. We truly can tell which parents have been through her classes. The parents enjoy the courses and, unlike some of the other courses parents have taken, the feedback is as enthusiastic after the birth as it is before. This is a huge testimonial to Sarah. We are lucky and privileged in South Delta to have Sarah serving our community with grace, imparting her love for birth, for families and for education, and enriching the journey to parenthood.”

 ~ Jane Wines, RM

We looked forward, excitedly, to Sarah's classes each week...

As a soon-to-be-Dad heading into the home stretch of our pregnancy, Sarah taught me some invaluable tools to use as we neared closer to our delivery date. We looked forward, excitedly, to Sarah's classes each week, and would not hesitate to take them again for baby no.2, simply for the fact that they empower you with such a positive and reassuring feeling of being in control of your journey through child birth!"

~ Rylan (Delta)

We left class feeling confident & connected to each other...

“The classes are kept small & intimate so you always feel safe & know that any questions / fears you may have can be addressed & discussed without feeling afraid, judged or intimidated. Sarah somehow manages to find a way to fill you with knowledge & information without overwhelming you in the least.  Instead, my partner & I left each class feeling empowered, confident & more connected to each other.”

~ Amanda (Delta)