I feel truly blessed to be able to call this my work and am always honoured to have the opportunity to witness a birther walk their path.

With a background in counselling and a degree in Child and Youth Care at The University of Victoria, I have spent my entire career and most of my life surrounded by, working with, and supporting women, children and families. It is no surprise that I have ended up here, in birth work, following paths which I feel strongly, are my calling.

The most impact-full experiences of my life to lead me here were the births of both my sons. I was lucky to have a midwife for both births and a wonderful doula for my last, which helped give me and my husband the confidence to have the homebirth we wanted.

Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time are all unique experiences that can each benefit from unique forms of support. I believe that birth is a natural process and that we already have the power, strength, and intuitive wisdom necessary to birth our babies. I also believe in the powerful idea of gathering and employing a village of support to help guide you on your way through this transformational time. I have seen first hand how much of a positive impact these supports can have, not just during pregnancy and birth, but throughout a person’s life. Whether you are an experienced birther, or this is your first time, my goal is to provide the resources, care, and support you and your partner (if applicable) need, to be able to navigate through whatever comes your way.

I am based in the quiet little town of Tsawwassen BC, where myself, my husband Andy, and two boys Jack and Eli, happily squish our feet in the sand. Serving clients in Delta, Surrey, Whiterock, and Richmond.

Sarah xo