Welcome to my new home!

You know that feeling when you finally get your house super clean and tidy and you suddenly feel light and free and capable of conquering the world? Yeah, me neither. But I would imagine it’s what THIS feels like right now!

New site, new feel, new flow. I’m in love. And I have someone very special to thank…

I have met a lot of fellow moms in my community of Tsawwassen over the last few years and one of them has me wanting to GUSH! Her name is Stephanie Chan of ThePauhaus.com and she is marvelous. A creatrix and photography genius, she has been helping me to bring the work I love to do for women and families to the forefront by documenting my creations and my skills and helping to vamp up my brand and my site! And through the whole process I have felt so safe in her hands!

Last spring we spent a super fun morning in my new workspace, concocting and laughing and product styling some of the lovely goodies that I am hand creating for postpartum mothers. I absolutely love how all the images turned out. They inspire me to really put my products out there so they can do what they were intended for; to nourish and honor mothers during the days and weeks and months, even years following birth. We also attended a beautiful homebirth together, me doing my doula-thing and her capturing the magic!

Since we have been working behind the scenes for a while now, I am so excited to FINALLY be revealing all the hard work she has put into my work!

There is a new shop on my site now, which is still a work in progress, but Steph has really supported me to go big or go home… so I am putting together what I call ‘Bundles of Joy’, containing a collection of my handmade products and services for postpartum moms. I will be working diligently to get them up on the shop soon!

In the meantime, enjoy some of the beautiful images captured by Stephanie! And go do yourself a favour and check out her amazing work at www.thepauhaus.com

Sarah xx